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Emeril Lagasse LANTANA LED Lighting
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Two Families of Products, Multiple Configurations

Discover the Edge and Architectural LED family of products, UL Certified for Elevated Ambient Operating Temperatures. Both the Edge and Architectural linear are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Edge Lighting:
Superior Performance for Commercial and Industrial Applications.

The Edge family of products is designed and engineered for commercial and industrial spaces, requiring superior performance and durability.  Built to last, the Edge lighting can meet and exceed the rigorous demands of any environment. Sensors, dimming, and various power options let you gain better control over your lighting environment.

DPR Office Lighting

Architectural Lighting: Improve the Occupant Experience with Stylish, Dynamic, and Energy-Efficient LED Lighting.

The Architectural family of products is ideal for commercial applications like office buildings, schools, and retail stores. It adds a unique aesthetic and offers incredible efficiency. Use dynamic lighting options to increase focus, productivity, and occupant experience. Choose accessories such as dimmers, sensors, and distributed low voltage for greater control.

LANTANA LED Remote Architectural Linear

Architectural Linear Remote

LANTANA LED Integral Architectural Linear

Architectural Linear Integral

Meeting room

Enhance Mood, Productivity,and Overall Well-Being with Dynamic Lighting


Mimic natural sunlight with dynamic illumination tailored to human biological rhythms to provide optimal lighting for improved mood, focus, productivity, and well-being.

Circadian (97 CRI) is available on the Architectural Linears, Edge Vaportight, and Edge Troffer


Adjustable white LED lighting is a great way to set the right ambiance in any environment, whether it's a retail store, restaurant, or other space. It can influence people's moods and behaviors.

Tunable White is available on the Architectural Integral Linear

woman looking through magnifying glass

Learn more about the benefits of dynamic lighting in commercial environments

woman dancing in the country sunlight

Read the Circadian Whitepaper: Illuminating Human Well-Being and Productivity

woman basking in natural sunlight.JPG

View the AIA Courses: 
The Psychology of Light
and Lighting for Health & Wellness

Ensure an Uninterrupted Power Supply to your Lighting Systems During Power Failures.

The advanced technology of the LANTANA LED onboard emergency backup ensures your lighting systems never falter, even when the power grid fails. With its easy integration and compatibility with various environments, the onboard battery backup is the ultimate safeguard against potential accidents and hazards caused by power outages.

Available for the Edge and Architectural integral fixtures

Occupancy sensor in a data center

Gain Control Over your Lighting System to Save on Energy Consumption with Occupancy, Daylighting & RFID Sensors.

LANTANA LED's high-bay and low-bay microwave sensors can effectively detect human body temperature without being affected by temperatures in hot aisles. 

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