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Data Center Lighting Rendering



Achieve sustainability goals and cost reductions with LED fixtures designed for hot aisle applications. 

Repurpose energy waste to increase server capacity and revenue

Poor lighting can affect the overall energy efficiency of a data center. Insufficient lighting fixtures or excessive lighting in certain areas can result in unnecessary energy consumption, increasing operational costs.

Data Center Sustainability
Data Center Visibility

Reduce Risk from Poor Illumination and Improve Operations, and Safety for Employees and Equipment

Poor data center lighting makes it difficult for staff to perform tasks, troubleshoot issues, and read labels or equipment indicators accurately. Poor lighting makes it harder to navigate the facility, identify potential hazards, or respond quickly to emergency situations, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries to persons and equipment.

Focused Employees are Safe Employees. Say Goodbye to the Midday Slump and Hello to a Revitalized Workforce.

Experience a workplace transformation with circadian lighting designed to optimize employee well-being and enhance productivity. This cutting-edge lighting system simulates natural daylight patterns and provides a conducive environment that aligns with the body's internal clock. Boost performance and elevate the work experience with improved alertness, reduced fatigue, and increased focus. Explore the boundless advantages of circadian lighting and unlock real potential.

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Choose Lighing

How to Choose the Right Data Center Lighting

Unoccupied Spaces

Lighting should be configured in a way that allows effective use of video surveillance and other security equipment, while not necessarily required to facilitate employee work.

Initial Entry

When an employee enters an area, energy-efficient motion sensors should activate the lights in that area. Additionally, all aisles and passageways should be illuminated. This is important not only for safe navigation but also for the proper identification of visitors by security equipment.

Occupied Spaces

These are the areas where people will be working and the TIA-942-A standard suggests using lighting that allows for easy maintenance or interaction with equipment. The lighting should have a minimum of 500 lux in the horizontal plane and 200 lux in the vertical plane.


Luminance is the amount light emitted by the fixture. Choose fixtures with high lumen outputs, and precise optical distribution to achieve uniform lighting.


Color temperature can affect readability and concentration levels. Look for fixtures that offer neutral or cool lighting between 4000k - 5000k for a bright and alert environment.


Light fixtures can fail in high-heat environments. Choose lighting that is UL Certified for Elevated Ambient Operating Temperatures and long lifespans.


With budgetary constraints, it's easy to choose cheap lighting. Quality lighting with higher upfront costs can offer long-term savings in energy consumption and maintenance for better ROI.


Lighting contributes to energy consumption. Choose LED lighting with a high lumen output, have a longer lifespan, and produce less heat to save by reducing cooling requirements.


Placement and power types pose different safety hazards. Low Voltage and PoE let workers control the lights from a safe distance and are less likely to produce electrical shocks.

Distributed Low Voltage Power

How to Determine the Best Power Options for Your Data Center

Line Voltage

Harness the Power of Simplicity

Line voltage LED lighting operates directly from the power provided by your electrical service line, usually at 120 or 277 volts in the United States. This straightforward approach eliminates the need for transformers, simplifying installation processes and reducing initial costs.

Distributed Low-Voltage

Efficiency, Safety, and Flexibility

Distributed Low-voltage LED lighting is highly energy-efficient, using less electricity than line voltage lighting and reducing energy consumption and costs. It is also safer to handle and install due to lower voltage and allows for greater flexibility in fixture placement and design.

Power over Ethernet

Centralized Control and Real-Time Data

PoE lighting provides centralized control and real-time data for energy usage and performance, facilitating proactive maintenance and optimization. Its integration with intelligent control systems allows for greater energy savings through optimized usage patterns and automated dimming or shut-off features, similar to low-voltage LED lighting.


From products designed and engineered specifically for data center efficiency and sustainability to professional certifications, LANTANA LED is invested in the success and progress of the data center industry. 

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LANTANA LED is committed to prioritizing sustainable practices, utilizing recycled materials in our products, and promoting energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. 

Proven Success Illuminating the Data Center Industry

  • 80,000 LED Fixtures 

  • 6,500 Remote Driver Units 

  • Illuminating >30,000,000 Square Feet of Data Centers

Cupertino has had great success with both the LANTANA Product and Support Teams. They work directly with our Installation Team for product improvements tailored to Data Centers.

Ryan, Cupertino Electric
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