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Power Solutions

LANTANA offers multiple lighting power options. Choose from line voltage, DC power, and power-over-ethernet, depending on your application. 

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Line Voltage

Experience reliable, constant and consistent electrical current at all times with LED driver integrated fixtures.

DC Power

Distributed low voltage power offers centralized control for up to 20 lighting fixtures and drivers with normal and emergency power in one unit.


Deliver power and data using standard Ethernet cables. Reduce labor and material costs and the need for outlets and AC/DC power supplies.

LANTANA Remote Driver Unit for
Distributed Low Voltage Power

Protect sensitive equipment and workers with the LANTANA Remote Driver Unit (RDU). The distributed low voltage power system centralizes access to drivers offering maintenance crews access to drivers safely away from sensitive equipment, protecting themselves, and potentially saving the company from costly damage. Servicing drivers and lighting systems off-site in the RDU eliminates downtime while working on electrical circuits within aisles.

Remote Driver Unit RDU Distributed Low Voltage Power


LANTANA Remote Driver Units come pre-wired to your specifications, offering you the ultimate versatility and multi-zone functionality.


A single box houses both normal and emergency circuit power with UL 2108 and UL 924 ratings. These circuits and inputs are isolated within the enclosures and clearly demarcated.


Increase safety and gain direct access to the Class 2 drivers with quick-connect features and a hinging door for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Remote Power Advantages

LANTANA Remote Driver Unit
  • Power up to 20 LED Fixtures

  • Multi-Zone Functionality

  • Improved Safety and Maintenance

  • UL924 Centralized Normal and Emergency Power

  • Protect Occupants, Workers, and Equipment

  • Massive Installation, Material, and Labor Savings

Visit Resources for more information about LANTANA Remote Driver Units. 

RDU Installation


Labor, Material, and Maintenance Savings

Instead of a journeyman or skilled electrician running conduit or line voltage to each fixture individually, a distributed low voltage system centralizes line voltage to a single remote location. From there, a low-voltage technician runs a DC cable from the LED driver to the fixture.

Download the installation guides and learn how easy it is to install the four types of LANTANA Remote Driver Units including RDU, RDUXX, RDU-C, and RDUXX-C

Visit Resources for more information about LANTANA Remote Driver Units. 

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