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Classroom  Lighting



Achieve sustainability goals, improved safety, and cost reductions with LED fixtures designed for educational facilities

Unlike traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are highly efficient, converting most of the electrical energy into light rather than heat. This efficiency translates to lower energy usage and reduced operating costs in the long run.

Additionally, LED lights do not contain hazardous substances like mercury, making them safer for disposal and reducing the negative impact on the environment. By embracing LED lighting, individuals and businesses can save money while actively promoting a greener future.

Title 24

LANTANA LED Architectural Linears exceed Title 24 requirements.

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Improve Focus and Learning Outcomes with Dynamic Lighting

Studies have demonstrated that exposure to the appropriate light spectrum can positively impact attention span, concentration, and academic performance. LED circadian lighting promotes a stimulating environment during daytime hours, aiding students' ability to absorb information effectively.

Leverage the Power of the Sun and Create a Secure Environment Within Educational Facilities

Harvest daylighting and occupancy sensors to provide light only when needed. 

The onboard emergency backup ensures proper lighting during power outages for safe evacuation. 

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Eliminate Classroom Disruption and Centralize Maintenance Outside of Busy Hallways for Improved Safety 

Distributed low-voltage makes the installation process safer, allowing lights to be placed in innovative, educational settings without worrying about electrical safety. Whether it's an interactive learning corner or a science lab, low-voltage LED lighting provides the flexibility to create safe, inspiring spaces.

Our commitment to elevate the built environment with sustainable, highly- efficient products

LANTANA LED is committed to prioritizing sustainable practices, utilizing recycled materials in our products, and promoting energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Read our sustainability pledge to learn more.

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