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Increase safety, reduce labor, and improve operations with the LANTANA LED Remote Driver Unit, a groundbreaking product designed to revolutionize your LED lighting solutions. This innovative unit is part of our commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient lighting, offering distributed low-voltage power to meet diverse industry needs.



Remote Driver Unit

  • Distributed Low Voltage Power

    RDUXX - Power up to 20 drivers

    RDU14 - Power up to 14 drivers

    RDU12 - Power up to 12 drivers

    RDU6 - Power up to 6 drivers

    Multi-Zone Functionality

    Max Rating 1720 W Class 2 Electrical Device

    UL 2108, UL 924, NEMA Rating 1

    Ambient Temp. 0°C to 50°C, Humidity -20°C to 50°C

    Input 277 VAC/1.8A, 50-60Hz | 120 VAC/4.2A, 50-60Hz, <150' 18/2 GA, >150' 16/2 GA

    Optional single and dual controls sidecar with localized switch box for normal and emergency power mechanically secured to RDU main enclosure


  • Spec Sheet

    Installation Instructions

    Warranty & Care

    Revit Files

    RDU Configuration & Submittal Form

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