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LANTANA LED CEO Sam Rabinowitz is a Featured Author in the Greener Data Book Launching Earth Day 2024

LED Lighting in Data Center

Lighting as a sustainability consideration in data center design is finally getting its due – and in a big way! Today, LANTANA LED’s CEO Sam Rabinowitz officially becomes an author with the launch of Greener Data Volume 2, a second edition of a multi-author book series featuring the voices, stories, and perspectives of leading decision-makers in the data center and network infrastructure industry.  As one of the contributors to the book, Sam joins a cadre of authors who created chapters to share their timely insights about sustainability in the tech industry and what steps can be taken to align measurements, embrace renewable and clean energy solutions, and realize financial and social benefits in the process.

Sam’s chapter, “Every Watt Counts – How Incremental Changes Can Deliver Major Sustainability Gains” touches on the impact of data center lighting on power usage, efficiency, and maintenance. Despite not being a primary energy consideration for many operators, Sam explains the major impact that can be realized when smaller considerations, like lighting, become more of a focus for building designers and engineers. 

Although it may be an afterthought for many, lighting can have a material impact on a data center build program.  Lighting alone accounts for 3-5% of a data center’s energy consumption every year.  This is significant in an individual facility at scale or a scaled data center operations program, making efficient lighting a key consideration for a facility’s overall energy consumption. Furthermore, lighting in data centers has implications for safety, security, temperature stabilization, maintenance, and productivity.”

Starting today, you can download a copy of the book on Amazon to gain access to Sam’s full chapter, as well as contributions from more than 50 other thought leaders in digital infrastructure from around the globe all tasked with answering one important question: how can we get our data greener today and together?

Visit Amazon to download the book today, or receive a sneak peek into Sam’s chapter in his latest LinkedIn article. Happy Earth Day!



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