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Introducing Illucent and Neoteric: The Newest Additions to the LANTANA LED Family for Data Centers & Commercial Buildings

LED Lighting in Data Center

Born from Industrialized Construction, LANTANA LED proudly announced the launch of three new and expanded lighting lines that prioritize sustainability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. The new lines of LED fixtures, Neoteric and Illucent, and the expanded Edge  line, are designed with unique features and benefits, marking the dawn of a new era in lighting solutions. 

The latest lighting creations are set to redefine the way building operators light their data centers and commercial spaces. Our Illucent and Neoteric lines feature cutting-edge lighting solutions to meet stringent energy efficiency standards and elevate the illumination of your spaces. They adhere to strict sustainability, efficiency and maintenance standards, with special attention paid to temperature rating, speed of installation, ease of operation, and price.

Together, the two lines encompass seven new LED lighting fixture styles, each delivering superior energy efficiency and providing maximum brightness at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting solutions. The lines were developed in close collaboration with data center owners, electrical contractors, and engineers and are designed specifically to eliminate commercial and industrial building operator pain points. Here’s more info on the recently unveiled lines: 

The Illucent Line 

In a world where efficiency and sustainability are more than just buzzwords, the Illucent LED Line stands out as a testament to technological innovation and environmental stewardship. Engineered for excellence: LANTANA’s new Illucent lighting is designed to deliver high-quality, uniform illumination that ensures optimal visibility and creates a well-lit environment that enhances productivity and comfort. 

This collection caters to a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including data centers, healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, workshop spaces, bakeries/kitchens, indoor farming & agriculture, laboratories, and commercial & government facilities. All Illucent fixtures are UL-certified for elevated ambient operating temperatures with unmatched longevity and superior energy efficiency. This high-quality line delivers better ROI and the highest value for mission-critical new construction and renovation projects. 

Featuring three styles —  linear, chandelier and troffer — the lights are designed for a diverse audience of architects, interior designers, facility managers, and property owners who value quality and energy efficiency in their lighting solutions.

In terms of aesthetics, the Illucent linear features a sleek design with a touch of sophistication that seamlessly blends with various architectural styles, while the chandelier boasts an intricate, refined style that exudes elegance. The troffer offers a cutting-edge design, durability and versatility that integrates seamlessly with various ceiling types. 

The Neoteric Line

Neoteric leads the charge with modernity and performance at its core. The line includes the Neoteric Box Linear, Slim Linear, Cylinder, and Edge Lit Panel fixtures. These sleek, streamlined designs are perfect for various applications, including healthcare, hospitality, commercial, government, and education facilities, as well as mission-critical environments. 

Among the highlights of this innovative line are exceptional energy efficiency, impressive light diffusion and color range, unmatched longevity and easy installation and maintenance. Recommended for healthcare, hospitality, commercial, government, education and data center applications, the Neoteric line features four styles - box linear, cylinder, slim linear and edge-lit panel. 

The state-of-the-art Neoteric box linear offers highly customizable light distribution to illuminate spaces with precision and flair adding a modern twist to any interior. The cylinder style represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and superior design, crafted to deliver unparalleled illumination. The fixture's directional lighting capability ensures focused illumination where it's most needed, making it an ideal choice for highlighting architectural features or artwork. 

The sleek, metallic design of the Neoteric slim linear adds a contemporary touch to any environment, offering an optimal blend of functionality, aesthetics, and longevity. Meanwhile, the Neoteric edge-lit panel combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional durability and a lightweight structure for easy installation. Unlike conventional backlit panels, its edge-lit design provides more consistent and evenly distributed light, reducing glare and offering a more comfortable visual experience.

Both lines, as well as LANTANA LED’s expanded Edge product family, are designed to lower costs using distributed low voltage saving of approximately 1.38 hours per fixture. 

The new and expanded lines are now available for purchase and customizable to fit your building specifications and needs. 

For additional information on our Illucent, Neoteric and Edge product families, visit



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