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Brightly lit space

Lighting Solutions

Born from lighting and sustainability initiatives at Project Frog, LANTANA LED was designed to elevate the built environment with functional elegance and engineered to be the basis of design for any architectural lighting package.

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LANTANA's distinctive architectural lighting offers versatility and superior energy efficiency.

LANTANA Remote Driver Units

Centralized AC to DC power conversion in an easy-to-access electrical panel.

LANTANA lighting DPR

Get Help

Work with a local LANTANA agent who can help you determine the right lighting solutions and develop a lighting specification for your application. 

Access Info

Access various resources to inspire your lighting designs, including Installation guides, IES files, Revit families, warranty information, and more.

Obtain AIA Credits

LANTANA is a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Contact your local LANTANA partner agent to schedule.

LANTANA Industry Solutions

LANTANA LED light fixtures illuminate and enhance various environments, including Commercial, Office Space, Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Data Centers. Learn LANTANA's distinct advantages to each of these industries and browse featured projects.


LANTANA LED fixtures in Jackson Elementary

Cupertino Electric

"Cupertino has had great success with both the LANTANA Product and Support Teams. They work directly with our Installation Team for product improvements tailored to Data Centers."

- Ryan


"LANTANA is a very trusted source for our lighting needs on complicated projects, like high-end data centers. Their customer service & quick product revisions are second to none."

- Jared


"I’m extremely impressed with LANTANA’s performance. They continue to impress me with their flexibility and willingness to bring a project in on time and with minimal errors."

- Dale

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