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Brightly lit space

LANTANA LED Architectural
Static Circadian 

Static Circadian

Static Circadian

Promote a healthy balance with human-centric lighting that mimics natural daylight. Induce focus, productivity, or calm depending on your application.

  • Full range dimming

  • Integral ambient operating temp: 0°- 50°C / 32° - 122°F

  • Remote ambient operating temp: 0°- 80 °C / 32° - 176°F

  • 97 CRI = 106 lm/w - Max 1060 lm/ft

  • 25% Indirect / 75% Direct lighting

  • UL 2108 / DLC Listed



Use Integral or Remote Static Circadian to promote a healthy balance with human-centric lighting that mimics natural daylight. Induce productivity and alertness with LANTANA static circadian LED fixtures are designed using the most advanced LED technology and enhance any space with a distinctive, attractive design.

Static Circadian Mounting 

Multiple mounting options and proprietary sliding mechanisms accommodate various ceiling types and conditions. Pendant and Unistrut mounting is included. Surface mounting is available for an additional fee.

Unistrut Mount

Unistrut Mount

Unistrut Mount includes hardware for mounting to a Unistrut system.

Pendant Mount

Pendant Mount

Pendant Mount includes hardware, aircraft cable, and whip for a 5' drop.

Surface Mount

LANTANA Surface Mount

Surface Mount integrates seamlessly with the fixture profile allowing direct surface/ceiling attachment.

Static Circadian Lighting Options

Sensor Endcap

LANTANA Sensor Endcap

Leverage daylight harvesting, occupancy, and RFI tracking with the universal sensor endcap that accommodates most sensors. 

Emergency Backup

LANTANA Onboard Emergency Backup

UL 924-rated fixtures with onboard battery backups meet illumination requirements during failures of normal power operations.

Chassis &
Endcap Finishes

LANTANA Color Options

Choose from in-stock colors like clear anodized with white endcaps or black anodized with black endcaps. Custom colors are also available. 

Comparable LED Fixtures

Integral LED

LANTANA Integral

Integral LED fixtures offer greater options with the optional onboard emergency backup and universal sensor endcap.

Tunable White

LANTANA Tunable White

Boost the ambiance with control over the lighting intensity and Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) ranging from warm to cool.

Remote LED


Reduce material and labor costs by removing maintenance and operations from individual fixtures and centralizing them in the Remote Driver Unit.

Lighting Care & Maintenance

LANTANA Jackson Elementary

Care Instructions

Keep the lights on by learning how to care for LANTANA LED Light Fixtures

10-Year Warranty

A commitment to quality and service with products manufactured in the USA & Canada.

Lighting Resources

Learn more about LANTANA LED lighting in the resource library. Access brochures, installation guides, IES files, spec sheets, and more. 

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